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The Science of Inclusion tells us, “Team performance increases by 50% when everyone feels included.” 

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Graci Harkema’s DEI workshops are interactive and engaging workshops where participants will understand the business case of diversity, equity and inclusion, learn to build more inclusive environments where employees are able to thrive as their authentic selves, recognize their biases and how to control them, and gain effectiveness in facilitating crucial conversations. Featured topics include Embracing Diversity, Overcoming Bias & Rising in Inclusion, Authenticity, Identity & Belonging, LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Workplace, Equity in the Craft Beverage Industry, and Critical Conversations in the Workplace. Workshop topics can be customized to align specifically with your organization. I am fully vaccinated,  workshops can be facilitated virtually or in-person. 

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Graci Harkema’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion workshops are an opportunity for organizations of all industries to build more equitable and inclusive work environments, increase collaboration and communication among employees, and create opportunities for employees to be empowered to work and live more authentically. Graci has experiencing working with clients in industries including: technology, food and beverage, banking and financial services, real estate, law enforcement, construction and manufacturing.











Diversity is everything that encompasses us. It’s everything we bring to the table. Inclusion is ensuring we have a seat and a voice at the table. If we are not seen or heard, our diversity doesn’t matter.

We all have bias. We have the ability to learn to check our biases and control how we react to them instead of allowing our biases to control us. How we react to our bias determines next steps.

DEI work is continuous and never stops. The work requires action and accountability, which we know can sometimes be…well, work. Work is a process and can be uncomfortable. When we confront the uncomfortable, the next step is growth. Power comes from doing the work. The workshop can be customized for any group of any size. Let’s rise and create powerful outcomes together. 

Bonus for Michigan Realtors: Graci Harkema’s workshop is certified through CE Marketplace, Michigan’s Continuing Education Hub for Real Estate Professionals. The workshop serves as a certified training which meets the Michigan real estate license renewal continuing education requirements by Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. 



Steelcase: “Thank you Graci Harkema for sharing your insights on "Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace". I felt very positive to hear thoughtful conversations. The point which struck me - WE all have a bias, WE all make mistakes and WE all make judgments. Yet, if we seek to understand and respect one another, we can make a change.” 


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