You don’t have to be born in a mud hut to have a story. We all have a story. Life is a journey. We all have a purpose. International, inspirational, multi-award winning keynote speaker, Graci Harkema has been featured in business, community and higher education conferences, seminars and events. She has spoken at notable events including Google 'Women in Tech Symposium', Grace Hopper Conference, Ontario Craft Brewers Conference, Datto 'Global Diversity Conference', Nielsen, 'The Power of She', Brewbound, Grand Rapids Business Journal’s 50 Most Influential Women, among many more. 

Graci Nielsen Panel

Energizing speaking engagements are customized for the audience, no two speeches are exactly the same. Graci is well-versed in speaking across all industries, including technology, food and beverage, banking and financial services, real estate, law enforcement, construction and manufacturing, on topics related to diversity, resiliency, authenticity, inclusive leadership, female empowerment, racial equity, adoption, and LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Through captivating storytelling of real-life experiences, the audience will gain actionable tools and techniques which will inspire them to overcome adversity, live their truth, and rise above the mud that tries to hold us back. 

2020 Grand Rapids Business Journal's 40 Under 40 Leaders of West Michigan, Graci Harkema's 40 Second Story, Courtesy 616 Media


2020 Grand Rapids Business Journal's 50 Most Influential Women of West Michigan Keynote, Courtesy 616 Media 


2022 First Steps Kent | Equity Talks | Graci Harkema: Experiencing Early Racism, Courtesy First Steps Kent

I’m honored to have collaborated with First Steps Kent on their Equity Talks video series on the importance of identity, belonging, diversity, equity and inclusion in early childhood development! What we say to our kids matters, they are paying attention even if we think they aren't. Here is a video where I share one of my first memories of racism, along with anticipated next steps.


2022 Grand Valley State University | Hauenstein Center Wheelhouse Talks: Graci Harkema

Leadership is not a destination. Instead, it is a process of continually learning and reflecting on where we've been and envisioning how we can make the world more how we'd like it to be. Leadership development can also be a deeply personal process. Graci Harkema will be the first to tell you that. As the owner of Graci LLC, an international diversity, equity & inclusion consulting firm, she is committed to helping clients build equitable and inclusive work environments where employees are empowered to perform to their potential as their true selves.


Women MichBusiness Thrive Conference Participant: Each day there was a session that included panel discussions, and interactive and invigorating chat, and by far the best keynote presenter I have had the pleasure of hearing, Graci Harkema, speaking on Living your truth- She brought me to tears, yet I felt so motivated and empowered through her story. 

Make-a-Wish Michigan: “One of the most inspiring stories I have heard! Very well done!”

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