The Mud.

Posted by Graci Harkema on

Two years ago, I experienced one of the hardest days of my career, to date. That morning I had a biopsy and two delayed flights for a speaking engagement in another state. I later was misdiagnosed with cancer. I was traveling and I was alone. My parents were on their six-month stay in the Congo. The night of the speaking engagement, struggling through the fear and anxiety, I put on a good face and we rocked the event. That day reminds me of the mud we are in society now. So many of us are feeling we have been given a diagnosis or situation we are fearful of not recovering from. We feel alone. We put on a face which tells the world we are okay, even when we aren’t. It’s okay to let ourselves feel. Actually, now is the time to feel. We are not alone. Nor can we assume that others are also okay. So many of us are going through a journey we don’t know how to recover from, lean on one another during these times and check on one another. Many of us are all fighting a battle the person next to us knows nothing about. Let yourself feel and check on your people. We are stronger and more able to rise when we lean on each other.


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