Rising from the Riots.

Posted by Graci Harkema on

Violence is never the solution; it only contributes to the problem. When we are more upset about damage to our buildings than we are about the murders of innocent black and brown people at the hands of law enforcement, we are contributing to the problem, not the solution. We are so urgent in repairing damages, when we pick up a hammer, we need to hold a hammer of accountability within our law enforcement system. When we board up windows, we need to board up our racial biases. When we read instructions, we need to ask and be open when we don’t understand. When we look both ways, we need to look into the journeys of others. When we rush to the streets, we need to rush to the ballots. When we breakdown our toolbox, we need to breakdown systemic and institutional barriers. We can’t be part of the solution, until we work on the root cause. Let’s rise to be a part of the solution.


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